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Fish Reports
Most Rivers In California close for the season on Nov 15. Exceptions are anadromous rivers such as the Sac, Trinity, Klamath, Smith etc for excellent winter Steelhead and Salmon from Nov 15 through last Saturday in April. Other rivers that have been recently opened year-round are Pit from dam #3 downstream, NF Yuba down to Bullards Bar Res, Little Truckee River (yay!), Truckee River from trout creek to Nevada, American river all forks east of Hwy 49, East Carson River from hangman's Bridge to Nev, East Walker from Bridgeport dam to Nev, upper Owens from 395 down to Benton Bridge road, Hot Creek from hatchery to Owens, Tuolumne River from Hetch Hetchy to Clavey River falls.  All of these are zero bag limit, artificial barbless lures - Hey, that's us!

Some Updates:

Trinity River:
Dec 1,2 - Chris took a couple of steelie novices out on Evans bar run. They had a few bites, a couple of hookups, but no fish in the boat. Other guides reported 1 to 2 fish per boat average. The good news is the rain is movng in which should bring more numbers in by mid-Dec.  Think I'm going to try a bit on the American this week. stay tuned.

Trinity River:
Nov 6,7 - First bunch of fall run are up in system near Junction City, but since there has only been one decent storm, numbers are not there yet. We caught 2 hatchery Steelhead in the 4 lb range Friday walking in just off 299 south of JC campground. Saturday, we hooked 7 among 6 guys and caught 2 from driftboats using small (14,16) PTs, and red copper johns. Sunday, walked in near lime point and hooked 5 and caught 3, using Golden stoneflies, size 12 and small PT nymphs 16. Another rain or two, then wait a week and boom, numbers should be in.

Middle Fork Stanislaus: submitted by Brettdude
Oct 24,25 - caught some nice browns up to 17". Others report up to 24". Using PT nymphs size 16. some Caddis hatch activity. most hits around midday. Gotta love that!

Trinity River:
Oct 22,23 - Steelhead are moving up! On Thurs along Junction City reach, 3 hatchery fish caught in the 6-7 lb range. Friday, 3 fish caught plus 5 more hookups (one was largest steelie any of us had ever seen... approx 10-12 lbs, 34" easily!). Very active fish in the jump and spit mode. Indicator fishing. caught 1 on pale egg pattern, caught several on golden stones size 12 to 14, and size 16 PT nymphs. Did hit one swinging green and white clouser. 

Trinity River:
Oct 16, 09 - Flows are down to 300 cfs, optimal for drifting and wade fishing. Steelhead are in the system and with recent rains there should be big numbers coming up to upper river in the gorge and above Douglas city within a week or two. Salmon in early October was good fishing so egg patterns and the usual golden stoneflies should be productive on a dropper rig.

Burney Creek:
Sep 20, 09 - Wild trout section below Burney falls is a very consistent cold water fishery. Good numbers of brookies (up to 14"!), Browns, and Rainbows can be taken on caddis dries like light cahills and hendrikson's. plenty of hatches at dusk near the campground. might even catch a bat if you play it right. look for any holding water no matter how small. you will be surprised at the size of fish that will suddenly rise out of these spots at a dry fly that has about a 3-nanosecond drift.

Lower Hat Creek:
Sep 21, 09 - Explored powerhouse 1 area. Spring Creek water subject to massive caddis hatches at various times during the day/ Many times, folks just sit and wait for the hatch, fish like crazy for 30 min, then pull off and enjoy a beer or a walk until another hatch an hour and a half later. bizarre.  there are some very slow-moving water areas that hold large, large fish, mostly rainbows and some browns. Be very stealthy, hide behind rocks, cattails, etc if you can. If you miss a fish, chances are he is down for the count, so move elsewhere for awhile. caught several in the 14 to 18" range on light hendrikson's and mosquitos. 

Upper Hat Creek:
Sep 21, 09 - upper campground area. lots of pressure here but fish holding in butt-clear water.  If you are camping, wait for everyone to go in for dinner and come out for the evening hatch. Cahill Caddis and mosquito patterns in the 12 to 16 size. Then nymph red copper johns size 14-16 when hatch is off.

Stanislaus River:
Several times over August/ Sept. Take Boards crossing road across river at Sourgrass day use area. Continue about 1.5 miles to turnoff to Boards Crossing dirt road. when you get to cabins at bottom of hill, turn left and campground is 200 yeards on right. park there and walk in to river across gravel/sand flats. Look for gravel bar pool just above falls. fantastic dry fly fishing for rainbows up to 14" in area where you'd swear there's nothing but fry.

Beaver Creek:
August, 09 - This is stocked in a couple of popular areas near Big Trees park picnic areas. Go to end of the road and turn right to end of that road past bathroom. Look for tiny little holes under tree branch overhangs, there will be sizable fish the meat-throwers don't see. Mosquitos, small stimulators, and cahills for dries and black ants and zug bugs for nymph.

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