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We are a few dedicated fly fishermen who, in pursuit of our passion, have experienced frustration with simple things like tieing on a fly in the dark during a crazy hex hatch just after sunset, applying fly floatant without gooping the thing up, quick stashing your rod while you drive up the stream a stretch, and of course, finding some great shirts with decent graphics.

Where can you go to get these things?  Brookstream Fly Co!  If it doesn't exist, ask us about it and we might create one.

No way! We are building some information sources and links to equip the fly fisher to have a successful day on the water. This includes fishing reports on local fisheries; knots, casting, and technique tips; fly patterns that work; blogs and chat boards; knowledge on specific species; guide recommendations; and just some cool pictures and stories.

We are located in Northern California - Morgan Hill - and tend to be focused on fisheries and issues here in Norcal and in the western states, but we love to hear and tell about fly fishing worldwide.

There are tons of websites about fishing, fly fishing, fly shops, guides, etc etc etc. Well, first and foremost, we are in the business of problem solving which is why we are willing to get products made for the average fisher. We are also in it simply to reduce the frustration for many fishermen and by better equiping our fly fishers to be smart and productive, ultimately we hope to create better awareness for preserving and enhancing our fisheries.

fishing the high sierra streams;  having all the right flies in a small box for the day; landing that big fish for release without using a net; keeping that fish in the water; great fish pix; STEELHEAD fishing - now that's what I call 'FISH ON!'; catching a big fish out of a tiny hole; learning new fisheries; discovering surprising secret spots; helping out other fly fishers.

We hope this site provides some knowledge, fun, and some very cool products for you!  ENJOY!

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